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Sophie Byvik ’17


Major: English
Minor: Art History
Departments you can ask me about: UPenn courses, Swarthmore courses
Professors you can ask me about: Peter Briggs, Jamie Taylor, Steve Levine
Extracurriculars: Writing Center
Past Dorms: Brecon
Anything else I can be referred to for: I love talking about writing, schedules, and preregistration.

Lately, I’m enjoying knitting while watching one of too many detective shows I love, like Murder, She Wrote and Inspector Morse. I also like to read mysteries, novels, and almost any kind of non-fiction.

Office Hours: TBA
Contact Me:

 Natalie Kawam ’19
Major: Psychology (pre-med)
Minor: Neuroscience, Creative Writing
Extracurriculars: Varsity Swim Team, Body Image Council Peer Leader
Past Dorms: New Dorm

Hi! She/her pronouns, Class of 2019. I’m a Psych major on the pre-med track (aspiring psychiatrist) and am also very much interested in creative writing, especially poetry. I currently live in Bernardsville, NJ and went to a boarding high school called Hotchkiss School in upstate CT. Chocolate enthusiast, usually up late/ awake early, opera singer, swim team lover, positive realist. Stop by with any questions at all!

Office Hours: TBA
Contact Me:


Kat Phifer ’19


Major: Undecided
Minor: Undecided
Departments you can ask me about: Spanish, Linguistics, Music
Professors you can ask me about: Ines Arribas, Laurel Peterson, Peter Kasius, Justin McDaniel, Tom Lloyd, Madeline Cantor
Extracurriculars: Shakespeare Performance Troupe, Counterpoint A Capella, Bi-Co Original Works, SGA, Fall Student Dance Concert, Spokes
Past Dorms: Denbigh

I’m Kat and I am one of the peer mentors in Denbigh. I was a D3 frosh as well! I love to talk about clubs, queer rights, self-care and schedule planning. I am involved in quite a few clubs and really love the performing arts, but all you really need to know is that I’m in a love/hate relationship with William Shakespeare.

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:

Precious Robinson ’19


Major: International Studies (undeclared)
Minor: Arabic (undeclared)
Departments you can ask me about: Arabic, History, Dance, Theater
Professors you can ask me about: Mady Cantor, Catharine Slusar, Anita Kurimay, Peter Magee, Manar Darwish, Farnaz Perry, Joel Schlosser, Jesse Hoffman
Extracurriculars: Bi-Co Debate Team, Afreen, NAACP
Past Dorms: Pem West

I am from Houston, Texas, and I am incredibly passionate about social justice. I am incredibly invested in American foreign policy, justice system reform, and education reform. When I am not doing homework, I can be found ranting about politics, obsessing over Captain America, or probably eating. If you want to talk about any of these things, or anything at all, I love talking as well. Stop by my room in Denbigh anytime!

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:


Keana Bloomfield ’18


Major: English
Departments you can ask me about: English, Psychology, Anthropology
Professors you can ask me about: Bethany Schneider, Leslie Rescorla, JC Todd
Extracurriculars: Sisterhood, Career & Professional Development Office Assistant
Past Dorms: Erdman

I’m Keana and I’m from Philly, so not too far away from Bryn Mawr and definitely used to the changing weather cycles of the city! As an English major, you can guess some of my favorite things to do are reading and writing, and in my down time, I am a National Contributing Writer for Her Campus National. But as a mentor, I’m always happy to help answer questions about studying habits, time management and the ever-popular BIONIC (wink).

Office Hours: T 8:00-9:00PM
Contact me:

New Dorm

Lizzy Muhammad


Major: International Studies
Concentration: Gender
Minor: Spanish
Professors you can ask me about: Chiang Laoshi, Ines Arribas, Bethany Schneider, Veronica Montes, Rosi Song, Professor Kalala, Casey Barier, Amanda Weidman.

Hey everyone! My name is Lizzy. I’m the Peer Mentor in New Dorm for the fall semester (part of team Liz-Anthi), but I lived in West for two years and absolutely loved it!!! Just so you know, West is BEST, West love NEVER dies, and if you live in Pembroke BEST we already have an instant connection! While here I sing in the Bryn Mawr College Night Owls, stay active in issues and events related to diversity and make the most of dining hall food. I’m a huge fan of all animals (except for rats), but my baby girl Nellie is my all-time favorite. She is a guide dog and hands down one of the most intelligent animals you will ever encounter, but if you’re afraid of or allergic to dogs I definitely respect that and we can make other arrangements to meet. If you ever want to talk about anything stop by my room, or email me and we’ll set something up!

Fun Facts: To destress, I like to make soap, knit, and do other crafty things. I love to eat and cook so if you’re a food person let’s swap recipe and restaurant recommendations!

Office Hours: Th 4:00-5:00PM
Contact me:

Nayanthi Peiris ’18


Major: Undecided (Math?)
Undecided (Econ?)
Departments you can ask me about: Religion
Extracurriculars: Bryn Mawr for MLAR, Bryn Mawr College South Asian Students, Dining Services
Past Dorms: 
Merion, Denbigh

I spend most of my free time watching TV, baking (when at home) and reading. I’m from Colombo, Sri Lanka and I hate travelling (which is a great combination!). I would love to talk about transitioning to another environment, the perfect that Harry Potter, TV shows and anything else!

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:


Makenna Lenover ’19


Major: Anthropology
Minor: Museum Studies (undecided)
Departments you can ask me about: Anthropology, Classical Archaeology
Professors you can ask me about: Casey Barrier, Maja Seselj, Peter Magee, Asya Sigelman, Carolyn Merritt, Alicia Walker, Isabelle Averill, Astrid Lindenlauf
Extracurriculars: Little Known Help Zone, Bryn Mawr Campaign, Anthropology Research
Past Dorms: New Dorm

I’m Makenna from Allentown, PA. I’m a lover of books, piano, singing, human rights, dirt and bones. I am an aspiring forensic anthropologist or archeologist, and I run my own nonprofit (Little Known Help Zone) focusing on human rights in Central America. I love to unwind with makeup, singing, and planning (stationary and organization are my jams). Tea, chocolate, and the beach are my three favorite things. I have a constant supply of tea and chocolate, so if you’re ever in need stop by!

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:

Pembroke East

Priyanka Dutta ’17


Major: Psychology
Minor: Anthropology & Dance (tentative)
Departments you can ask me about: Psychology & Dance
Professors you can ask me about: Psychology & Dance professors
Extracurriculars: Pulso Latino, Psych Tutor, work at Wyndham
Past Dorms: Denbigh, Pem West, Merion

I am from Mumbai, India. I love everything about psychology and more than happy to talk about my experience. I am a big foodie whether that is trying new cuisines, desserts or just junk food, hence I ALWAYS have food and I am more than happy to share. I love to dance and find it extremely relaxing and I am more than happy to burst into dance whenever music is playing.

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:

Dylan Hoffman /19


Major: Sociology, Theatre (intended)
Departments you can ask me about: Sociology, Theatre, Dance
Professors you can ask me about: Stephen Bishop, Catharine Slusar, Casey Miller, Marissa Golden, Bridget Nolan, Kaylea Berard
Extracurriculars: Shakespeare Performance Troupe, Greasepaint Productions
Past Dorms: Denbigh

Hey pals I’m Dylan! I’m a sophomore who hails from the glorious land of Cleveland, Ohio! I most frequently can be found at some kind of rehearsal or tending to my succulents. I love to write songs and make friends!

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:

Pembroke West

Madison Brown ’17
Major: English
Minor: Film Studies
Departments you can ask me about: English, Film Studies
Professors you can ask me about: Bethany Schneider, Tim Harte, Jamie Taylor
Extracurriculars: Mentor for Philly
Past Dorms: Merion, Pem East

My name is Madison and I’m a senior English major at Bryn Mawr. I’m originally from California, but Bryn Mawr has been a home away from home where I have been able to hone my academic skills and focus on my passions. When I’m not focusing on academics, I enjoy working at Wyndham Alumnae House, reading, watching Netflix (because self-care), and spending time with the wonderful friends I’ve made at BMC.

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:

Mehendi Siraj ’19
Major: Mathematics and Economics (hopefully!)
Departments you can ask me about: Mathematics, Economics, French, Physics
Professors you can ask me about: Zeiss, Clarke, Math and Econ departments
Extracurriculars: ESGA SFC, Quantitative Center (work), SAS
Past Dorms: Pem East

I am a sophomore from Singapore but I was raised in different countries. I am very passionate about travelling, food, books and TV. I spend way too much time on the internet.

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:


Cheng Mun Chang ’18 


Major: Anthropology, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Concentration: Gender and Sexuality
Minor: Chinese
Departments you can ask me about: Math, Anthropology, EALC
Extracurriculars: Writing Center, Rainbow Alliance
Past Dorms: Merion, Erdman

Hi I’m Cheng Mun and I’m from Singapore! I failed Chinese class all through high school, but I’m trying to get fluent now, so come talk to me about learning a language or pretending to be fluent or Chinese food. When I’m not sitting in the Writing Center talking about all the work I have, I’m watching hockey and knitting (usually both at the same time), and I’m super happy to talk about any of those, but also other actually academic related things.

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:

Rhoads North

Abbie Sullivan ’17


Major: Anthropology, Russian
Departments you can ask me about: Anthropology, Russian
Professors you can ask me about: Anyone in the Russian or Anthro department
Extracurriculars: Customs, Customs Committee
Past Dorms: Merion, Radnor, Erdman

I had no wi-fi in Russia, so I became a self proclaimed expert on Russian reality TV shows. My favorite is a show called Terrifying Love, a dating reality show where participants meet each other while wearing make up that distorts human features.

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:

Rhoads South

Aly Robins ’17


Major: English
Concentration: Creative Writing
Minor: Politial Science
Departments you can ask me about: Classics, Creative Writing, English, Political Science
Professors you can ask me about: Robert Germany, Catherine Coneybeare, Dan Torday, Bethany Schneider, Michael Tratner, Carol Hager
Extracurriculars: Shakespeare Performance Troupe, Hanna Holborn Gray fellowship, Greek Play, Customs, Bryn Mawr Campaign
Past Dorms: Pembroke West, Merion

Just a girl with a love for lists and Joe Biden. I’m from the Jersey Shore (no, not that one) and will defend/complain about it to anyone. In my free time, I love co-coordinating the Shakespeare Performance Troupe, arguing about the genius of certain television shows, and crying at pictures of dogs. I’m a third-year mentor and one of the co-heads of PMS, so feel free to ask me any questions!

Office Hours: TBA
Contact me:


Samantha Plate ’17


Major: Psychology, Sociology
Minor: Child and Family Studies
Departments you can ask me about: Psychology, Sociology
Professors you can ask me about: Any Psychology professors
Extracurriculars: Intro Psych TA, Intro Psych and Psych Stats Tutor, Body Image Council, FemCo, Phebe Anna Thorne School
Past Dorms: Denbigh, Rock

Hi Mawrters! I’m Sam and I’m a senior from Southampton, PA. I am a huge psychology nerd and I spend my free time watching movies about psych experiments and hanging out in the psych major lounge. This year I’m working at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Autism Research so feel free to ask me about finding internships. I love writing color coded e-mails filled with fun gifs. Fun fact: I have a phobia of birds, so I hate when the geese descend on BMC.

Office Hours: W 8:00-9:00PM
Contact me:

Catherine Bunza ’18


Major: Growth & Structure of Cities
Concentration: Pre-Public Health, Pre-Medicine
Minor: Health Studies
Departments you can ask me about: Growth & Structure of Cities, Health Studies, Pre-Medicine Track, Public Health courses
Professors you can ask me about: Any Cities professors, Any Biology or Chemistry professors, Health Studies professors
Extracurriculars: Spectrum at Haverford College, Health Center Advisory Board, Traditions, Office of Admissions, WHRC Bi-College Radio, Pre-Health Society, Customs, Bi-Co Works
Past Dorms: Rockefeller, Denbigh

Hi friends! I’m Catherine Bunza and I’m a junior Cities major from New Jersey. At Bryn Mawr, I’m interested in combining my interests with urban studies and public health. I absolutely love playing with my dog, Killer, and trying to learn how to play the ukulele!

Office Hours: Th 9:00-10:00PM
Contact me:


Rachel Heiser, Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist

Rachel Heiser received her Bachelors from James Madison University before she moved back to her roots in Pennsylvania to receive her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Temple University.  She began work at Drexel University and served as a counselor, advisor and the Assistant Director for the Center for Academic Success.  Now at Bryn Mawr College, she works closely with students, staff and faculty to assist students in reaching their personal definition of academic success and college life balance.  When she is not immersed in the Owl community, she enjoys seeing live music and theater, traveling, having outdoor adventures, cooking and spending time with family and friends.


July 2017