Peer Mentoring Service

Bryn Mawr College



Palak Bhandari ’16


Major: Undeclared        
Minor: Undeclared        
Concentration: Undeclared

Hi!  My name is Palak Bhandari and I am one of your Peer Mentors for Brecon.  I am from Vienna, VA and am into Legos, badmitton, Rajasthali (my cultural organization back home).  I have volunteered at the National Zoo and the National Institute of Health and worked with JAINA, a non-profit, last summer.  My family is from Rajasthan, India.  So… fun fact: I have visited India eleven times and my favorite color is blue.

Office Hours: Thursday 9pm-10pm

Bryce Lewis ’16


Major: Computer Science        
Minors: Philosophy and Mathematics

Hi!  I’m a Cali girl from sunny San Diego.  Interests include sci-fi, Brussels sprouts, archery, and nice people.  I also love being active, from weightlifting to yoga to running at the beach.

Office Hours: Tuesday 9pm-10pm


Tyler Garber ’14


Major: Sociology      
Minor: Mathematics and Education

I like to sing and I love music.  I am from Los Angeles, CA and love the beach even though I can barley swim.  Love meeting new people and seeing new faces :)

Office Hours: Wednesday 5pm-6pm


Katie Guye ’15


Major: Chemistry        
Concentration: Astronomy (at Haverford College)

I’m from Detroit, MI and I have experience traveling via nearly every type of transportation.  I like watching and playing almost all sports, especially with others.  I’m up for camping and star-gazing all year.  I have two dogs, a cat, and a fish that is 2x the size it should be.

Office Hours: Thursday 8pm-9pm



Nancy Li ’16


Major: Chemistry      
Minor: Stats

Hi.I’m Nancy from China.  I love spicy food.  I stayed in Singapore for 4 years.  I’m a dog-lover :) and love to explore good food!  I’m very easy-going :))  Happy to meet you guys!! <3 <3

Office Hours: Thursday 7pm-8pm

Prianna Pathak ’14


Major: Psychology

I lived in Indonesia, Texas, and the U.K. not to mention having traveled within most of Asia.  I love to take photos and have spent time as the photo-editor of the Bi-College Newspaper.  I’m a big fan of talking it out, likely due to my general love of talking.

Office Hours: Wednesday 8pm-9pm



Bara’ Almomani ’16


Major: Biology       
Minor: Neuroscience

I have lived in foreign countries more than I have lived in my own country.  I am a foodie (I love trying out new food) and am up for anything exciting or challenging.

Office Hours: Thursday 7pm-8pm

Annie Salorio ’14


Major: Religion (at Haverford)

Hi!  I’m a senior Religion major from Short Hills, NJ.  I’ve been singing for 10 years and LOVE to talk about music and sing whenever I get the chance.  Things that I love include: cupcakes, stuffed animals, getting lost in new cities (but not too lost), long drives with the windows down and the music turned up, doodling rainbows on my notes, flowers, and adding books to my large collection.  Oh, and singing.  Did I mention singing?

Office Hours: Tuesday 8pm-9pm

Pembroke East

Natalie Kato ’14


Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics

Hi everyone! I am a Mathematics and Computer Science double major and am from Los Angeles, California.  My hobbies include knitting, origami, swimming, and sleeping!  I am extremely interested and involved in the Bryn Mawr community, learning about what the school has to offer, and the new ideas students bring to this institution!

Office Hours: Tuesday 6pm-7pm

Rasha Younes ’16

Majors: Anthropology and Psychology      
Minor: Creative Writing

I love dancing (especially belly dancing) and can cook exotic and weird foods!  I love to run and have traveled a lot, even though most times I’m broke!  I like public speaking and making friends from all over the world, and enjoy long conversations about life.

Office Hours: Monday 1pm-2pm

Pembroke West

Isabel Andrews ’14


Major: Art History and German        

Hello! I am a senior from Columbus, Ohio. I am the co-president of the Bryn Mawr College Art Club and enjoy teaching 2nd graders every week with the Overbrook Elementary Art Program. In my spare time I love to make art, make and eat tasty snacks, watch movies, and dream of returning to Germany where I studied abroad in my junior year!

Office Hours: Thursday 4:15pm-5:15pm


Maddie Backus ’15


Major: Religion        
Minor: French 

I’m from Lawrence, KS and I enjoy cooking, bike rides and naps.  When I have free time I like going to concerts or exploring Philadelphia.  I hope to study abroad in Paris and go to grad school one day!  My favorite thing to do at school is pet people’s dogs on campus.


Angela Allard ’14


Major: Mathematics      
Minor: Pre-med

I like to dance and I love to eat.  I love making new friends and going into the city.  So, holla at me and we can go together :)

Office Hours: Monday 9pm-10pm

Rhoads North

Rose Pierre-Louis ’15


Major: English

I love music and dancing really badly.  I like unfinished arts and craft projects.  My favorite way to relax is to go shopping.  I’m addicted to the show “Catfish” and “Criminal Minds”  and I absolutely love corny jokes.

Rhoads South

Mfon-ido Akpan ’15

Major: Mathematics        
Minor: French

I love music, dancing, movies and reading novels.  I have experience with applying for internships and summer funding.  I have 7 first names!  I know how it feels to be undecided.  I love getting to know new cultures and my goal would be to get a dress from different countries, at least 10 different ones.  I speak 4 languages, 2 of which are very similar.

Office Hours: Wednesday 8pm-9pm


Miriam Ahmed ’16


Major: International Studies        
Minor: Economics        
Concentration: Development

Hello!  I’m Miriam :)  I hail from Great Falls, VA (shout-out to the DMV).  I dream of one day traveling the world.  I have a strong appreciation for quality movies, riveting books, true art, delicious food, and good people.

Office Hours: Monday 10am-11am


Isabella Bartenstein ’14


Major: Cities        
Minor: French        
Concentration: Architecture

Hello!  I’m Isabella and I’m from Lexington, VA.  I like to travel and visit different cities and learn about different cultures.  I like being outside and hiking and all that fun stuff.  I’m back in Rockefeller after two years which I am super excited about :)

Office Hours: Monday 7pm-8pm


Rachel Heiser, Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist

Rachel Heiser received her Bachelors from James Madison University before she moved back to her roots in Pennsylvania to receive her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Temple University.  She began work at Drexel University and served as a counselor, advisor and the Assistant Director for the Center for Academic Success.  Now at Bryn Mawr College, she works closely with students, staff and faculty to assist students in reaching their personal definition of academic success and college life balance.  When she is not immersed in the Owl community, she enjoys seeing live music and theater, traveling, having outdoor adventures, cooking and spending time with family and friends.