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Bryn Mawr College



Sophie Byvik ’17


Major: English
Art History
Departments you can ask me about: 
Professors you can ask me about:
 Steve Levine, Gail Hemmeter
Past Dorms: Brecon

Most of my free time is spent reading biographies and mysteries, or watching Battlestar Galactica, The West Wing, and detective television.  I also love book history, serif fonts, and Radiolab.  I have yet to win a game of 2048.

Office Hours: Thursdays 8-9pm
Contact Me:

 Phoebe Jordan ’15 


Major: Psychology
Departments you can ask me about: Math
Professors you can ask me about:
 Leslie Rescorla, Anjali Thapar, Grace Armstrong
Extracurriculars: Swimming, DLT
Past Dorms: 
Pem West, Brecon, Rock

I have been swimming competitively since I was 10, but I love watching all sports.  Some of my other hobbies are yoga, arts and crafts, baking, watching movies, and smiling :).  Eventually I hope to to graduate school to become a school psychologist.

Office Hours: Mondays 9-10pm
Contact Me:


Bara Almomani ’16


Major: Biology
Concentration: Pre-med
Departments you can ask me about: Biology
Professors you can ask me about: Karen Greif, Amy Myers, Deepak Kumar, anyone in Biology
Extracurriculars: Project Nur, Yallah, Art Club
Past Dorms: 
Rhoads North, Merion

Anything related to cognitive science excites me!  I’m originally from Jordan, lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE for 12 years, and then moved HERE for school :).  Come to me if you need advice for adjustment to a new place, trying yummy food, or a walk.

Office Hours: Thursdays 8-9pm
Contact me:

Bryce Lewis ’16


Major: Computer Science
Philosophy, Mathematics
Departments you can ask me about: Any of my majors/minors, Spanish
Professors you can ask me about:
 Anyone in CS or Math, Robert Dostal, Stephen Salkever, Adrienne Prettyman
Extracurriculars: Iron Owls Barbell Club, Owl Investment Group
Past Dorms: 
Pem West, Brecon

Hi!  My name is Bryce, and I’m a junior hailing from sunny San Diego.  A bit about me: I’m a competitive Olympic Weightlifter and the co-president and founder of Bryn Mawr’s Iron Owls Strength Club.  My favorite things include Lord of the Rings, asparagus, documentaries, the ocean, and everything sci-fi.  I also have a soft spot for terrible puns, so if you run across a spectacularly terrible one, feel free to share it with me!

Office Hours: Sundays 9-10pm
Contact me:



Blair Broad ’16


Major: Psych
Departments you can ask me about: Psych
: Night Owls A Capella, Hillel, EMT
Past Dorms: 
Pem West, Erdman

Hey there!  I’m a second semester sophomore from Dresher, PA.  I’m a total medical nerd, and will watch Discovery Health programs for hours on end.  I spent my summer becoming a nationally certified EMT.  I also love to sing and go to Broadway shows.  Want to talk musicals?  Stop by any time!

Office Hours: Wednesdays 7-8pm
Contact me:

Noura Jaber ’17


Major: Physics
Departments you can ask me about
: Math, French
Professors you can ask me about
 Hyewon Pechkis, Joe Pechkis, Mark Matlin, Peter Beckmann
Extracurriculars: Judo Club, research for credit
Past Dorms: Merion

My name is Noura Brock Jaber.  I’m a sophomore majoring in Physics.  My academic interests are robotics, engineering, and physics.  My personal interests include hobby electronic circuits, pugs, crochet, vegan lifestyle/cooking, reading fiction, and spoken word.

Office Hours: Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm
Contact me:


Aly Robins ’17


Major: English
Minor: Politial Science
Departments you can ask me about: Classics, Greek
Professors you can ask me about: Robert Germany, Marissa Golden, Alice Lesnick
Extracurriculars: Shakespeare Performance Troupe, Bi-Co News
Past Dorms: Pem West

Hello!  I’m Aly, a sophomore English major.  I’m from Wayside NJ–it’s right next to the beach.  I enjoy modernized Shakespeare, petting every dog I see, and expanding my owl collection.  I’m here to help, whether it’s conquering the Blue Bus or dessert creation in the dining halls.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 5-6pm
Contact me:

Nancy Li ’16


Major: Economics
Minor: Statistics
Departments you can ask me about:
Professors you can ask me about: Matt Ruben, Agnes Peyssonzess, Seun Youn Oh, Anne Preston, Wei Wen Mao
Extracurriculars: Owl Investment Group
Past Dorms: Brecon, Erdman

Hi :)  I’m an Economics major, Junior.  I’m from Sichuan China.  I’m always excited to explore good food and new exciting places with friends.  I’m also tring to learn how to cook (sometimes it tastes good, other times weird haha).  Do not hesitate to ask me for peer advice or anything else <3

Office Hours: Thursday 8-9pm
Contact me:

Pembroke East

Meg Sumner-Moore ’15


Major: Geology
Minor: Environmental Studies
Departments you can ask me about: Pre-Med, Health
Professors you can ask me about: Arlo Wiel, Selby Cull, Don Barber, Lynne Elkins
Extracurriculars: BMC Greens, SGA, Earth Justice League, Erdman Work
Past Dorms: Pem East

Hi there!  I’m a senior Geology major from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I love being out in nature and spending time with my family and friends.  I am a huge fan of eating yummy food and watching videos of baby animals.  Fun fact: I have only lived in Pem East during my time at Bryn Mawr.

Office Hours: Monday 8-9pm
Contact me:

Rasha Younes ’16
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Psychology, Creative Writing
Departments you can ask me about: English, Arabic, French
Professors you can ask me about: Peter Briggs, Beth Vzwiak, Leslie Rescorla, Earl Thomas, Torday, Manar, Benjamin Cherel, Zainab Saleh, Anjali Thapar
Extracurriculars: Track + Field, Customs, HA, Writing Center, Dining Hall, Dance, Debate
Past Dorms: Radnor, Pem East

I’m an international student from Lebanon who loves to dance and read and stuff.  I enjoy meeting people and learning about their cultural experiences.  I’m a believer that lots of hard work and some charm can get you places.

Office Hours: Thursdays 7-8pm
Contact me:

Pembroke West

Katie Guye ’15


Major: Chemistry
Departments you can ask me about: Astronomy
Extracurriculars: Rugby, Campus Work
Past Dorms: Pem West, Erdman, Denbigh

I am a senior from Detroit, MI.  I have two dogs, both 14, and a two-year-old cat.  I am a Chemistry major and I’ve worked in the Goldsmith lab for over a year now.  I love watching sports games with my friends, but I love playing them even more!  Name a sport, I’ve probably played it.  You can find me in Pem West or Park Science–my two homes.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 9-10pm
Contact me:

Palak Bhandari ’16


Major: Growth + Structure of Cities
Minor: International Studies
Departments you can ask me about: Cities, Spanish & International Studies
Professors you can ask me about: Cities, International Studies, and Spanish Professors
Extracurriculars: South Asian Women, Self-Care @ BMC
Past Dorms: Pem West, Brecon

Hi everyone! My name is Palak Bhandari and I am one of the peer mentors in Pem West. In addition to being a peer mentor, I am also a co-president of South Asian Women and the Self-Care @ BMC intern. I am into Bollywood & Bhangra music, Legos and badminton! In my free time, I love eating Indian food and watching The Mindy Project and Top Chef.
Fun Fact: I was the star and inspiration for an independent film.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm
Contact me:


Alex Francendese ’15 


Major: Biology
Minor: Psychology
Departments you can ask me about: Pre-Med
Professors you can ask me about: Peter Brodfuehner, Tamara Davis, entire bio department
Extracurriculars: Pre-Health Club, SGA, Pem-Co, Hell Week Committee, Owl Investment Group
Past Dorms: Rockefeller, Denbigh, Radnor

My name is Alex, and I’m the peer mentor in Radnor.  I’m a biology major in addition to a minor in psychology.  I am also on the pre-med track.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time in Philadelphia.  I also enjoy the occasional netflix marathon.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 4-5pm
Contact me:

Rhoads North

 Ellen Li ’15


Major: Political Science
Minor: Economics
Departments you can ask me about: Sociology
Professors you can ask me about: Anne Dalke, Seung-Youn Oh, Stephen Salkever
Extracurriculars: Internships/Externships, Consulting Club
Past Dorms: Brecon, Denbigh

Hi, my name is Ellen  I like traveling and I’m a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.  As a political science major with a strong interest in law and journalism, I spend a lot of time writing articles about China, trying to bring the voices of millions of Chinese citizens into the U.S.  I also have a special facor for bright running shoes–I have bough 4 pairs within the past year :)

Office Hours: Thursdays 9-10pm
Contact me:

Rhoads South

Mfon-ido Akpan ’15


Major: Economics
Departments you can ask me about: French, Math
Professors you can ask me about: Anne Dalke, Peyson-Zeiss, Matt Ruben, Gregory Schneider, David Ross, Janet Cegrowski, Stanhke
Extracurriculars: Culture show, spring concerts,
Past Dorms: Brecon, Rhoads South

My name is pronounced mmm-fun! and I am a vivacious character.  I love laughing, enjoy watching animations (the most recent being Rio 2), and absolutely cannot live without msuic.  I have had two rewarding summer internships that I am excited to share with you.  I can chat about being undecided, changing majors, and work-life balance at Bryn Mawr.

Office Hours: Mondays 9-10pm
Contact me:


Miriam Ahmed ’15


Major: International Studies
Minor: Economics, French
Professors you can ask me about: Agnes Peysson-Zeiss, Jessica Payson, Michael Allen
Extracurriculars: The Tri-College Law Review, Board of Trustees Undergraduate Representative (SGA), Tour Guide, International Studies Major Representative
Past Dorms: Pem East, Rock

I’m from Great Falls, VA.  I’m an International Studies major and an Economics and French double minor.  I’m intrigued by the concept of justice and human rights.  For that reason, I hope to attend law school in the future with the goal of one day specializing in International Humanitarian/Public Interest Law.  When I’m not following current events, I can be found writing by Rhodes Lounge, reading Victor Hugo, watching USA Network shows, or dancing absolutely anywhere and everywhere, much to the mortification of my family and friends.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 9-10pm
Contact me:

Chanel Williams ’16



Major: Growth and Structure of Cities
Minor: Sociology
Departments you can ask me about: German
Professors you can ask me about: Carola Hein, Robert Washington
Extracurriculars: Pulso Latino, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Uncommon Grounds
Past Dorms: Pembroke West, Denbigh, Rockefeller

I am interested in swimming, rowing, and concepts that involve discussions and solutions for social inequality.  I have studied abroad in Germany and was a part of a French immersion program prior to my enrollment at Bryn Mawr.

Office Hours: Friday 2-3pm
Contact me:


Rachel Heiser, Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist

Rachel Heiser received her Bachelors from James Madison University before she moved back to her roots in Pennsylvania to receive her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Temple University.  She began work at Drexel University and served as a counselor, advisor and the Assistant Director for the Center for Academic Success.  Now at Bryn Mawr College, she works closely with students, staff and faculty to assist students in reaching their personal definition of academic success and college life balance.  When she is not immersed in the Owl community, she enjoys seeing live music and theater, traveling, having outdoor adventures, cooking and spending time with family and friends.


September 2015