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Rachel Ellerson ’19

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Creative Writing
Departments you can ask me about: (Biological) Anthropology, Creative Writing, Dance, Spanish, Swarthmore
Professors you can ask me about: Casey Barrier, Caroline VanSickle, Maja Selsej, Denise D’Angelo, Kaylea Berard, Linda Caruso Haviland, Annie Liontas
Extracurriculars: Shakespeare Performance Troupe, Scottish Country Dance, Rince Na Mawr, Midnight Gaiety
Past Dorms: Brecon

Hello! I am originally from New York. I love reading YA, writing stories, tumblr, pinterest, osteology, the stage, and my main man Willy Shakes. You can frequently find me in the dance studio or wearing a kilt (often at the same time). In fact I am currently the president of Scottish Country Dance and on the board of Bryn Mawr’s Irish step dance club, Rince Na Mawr. When I’m not dancing or theatering, I hang out with friends or study. I am an avid bullet journaler and will frequently share my love of organization with anyone willing to listen.

Office Hours: TBA
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Elizabeth McGuire ’20

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Archaeology, Anthropology
Minor: Geology
Departments you can ask me about: Archaeology, Anthropology, Arabic
Professors you can ask me about: Manar Darwish, Farnaz Perry, Peter Magee, Astrid Lindenlauf, Bethany Schneider
Extracurriculars: Saturdays of Service, Little Known Help Zone, and Outreach English
Past Dorms: Brecon

Hey! I’m Elizabeth and I’m from Veazie, Maine. I’m an aspiring archaeologist and I love traveling. I’m also obsessed with tea, chocolate, dogs, and Netflix. Currently, I’m binge watching HTGAWM. I spend way too much of my free time baking and testing out new recipes. Feel free to stop by and talk to me about scheduling and preregistration!

Office Hours: TBA
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Cheng Mun Chang ’18

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Anthropology, East Asian and Languages and Cultures
Minor: Chinese, Gender and Sexuality
Departments you can ask me about: Math, Anthropology, EALC
Professors you can ask me about: All of my major/minor departments
Extracurriculars: Writing Center, EALC Research
Past Dorms: Merion, Erdman, Radnor

I’m Cheng Mun from Singapore! I failed Chinese all through high school, but I’m trying to get fluent now, so talk to me about learning a language or pretending to be fluent. When I’m not sitting in the Writing Center talking about all the work I have, I love watching people get competitive on TV (in both sports and reality TV).

Office Hours: TBA
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Keana Bloomfield ’18

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: English
Minor: Economics
Departments you can ask me about: English, Economics, Psychology
Professors you can ask me about: Bethany Schneider, Linda-Susan Beard, David Ross, Leslie Rescorla
Extracurriculars:  CPD Office Assistant, Her Campus National, Redefine Her Street
Past Dorms: Erdman 4 Life

Hey, I’m Keana, from Philly and Beyonce is my everything (no lie). As an English major, you can guess some of my favorite things to do are reading and writing, and in my down time, I am a National Contributing Writer for Her Campus National and am part of the business, finance, and consulting club, Redefine Her Street. But as a mentor, I’m always happy to help answer questions about studying habits, time management and the ever-popular BIONIC (wink).

Office Hours: TBA
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New Dorm

Nicky Westerduin ’18

Pronouns: He/Him
Major: Sociology
Minor: French and Francophone Studies
Departments you can ask me about: Sociology, French
Professors you can ask me about: In addition to most BMC French and Sociology professors, Heidi Jacob (HC), Sofia Fenner, Elise Herrala (HC), Elly Truitt, Heejung Park, and Chritina Knight (HC)
Extracurriculars: Bi-Co Orchestra, Lavender’s Blue a capella, Renaissance Choir, Ballroom Dance club, Outdoors club, French TA, Lantern Van Driver, Personnel Manager and Stage Crew for Orchestra
Past Dorms: Pem East, New Dorm

I come from Hawthorne, NJ, have 4 sisters, and several pets. I used to be obsessed with France, fantasizing about tilling the soil on a vineyard in Alsace. I have many passions, including music and social justice, and wish I had time to do more. I find “about me” sections challenging to fill out. I hope to join the unicycle club this year, and can’t wait to meet many new friends!

Office Hours: TBA
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Emma Hoffman ’20

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Psychology
Departments you can ask me about: Environmental Studies, Psychology
Professors you can ask me about: ES and Psych professors
Extracurriculars: BMC Swimming, Garden Club
Past Dorms: Merion

Hi! I’m always looking for good book recommendations; stop by Merion 315 and we can chat about your favorite novel or try out any DIY crafts! (add me on Pinterest!) I also love hearing about cool foods you’ve tried or cool places you’ve been, especially if it’s California. Come say hi and ask me about pre-registration!

Office Hours: TBA
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Pembroke East

Steffany Chou ’18

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Chemistry
Departments you can ask me about: Chemistry, Peer Tutoring Program
Professors you can ask me about: Entire chemistry department
Extracurriculars: Chemistry Major Rep, Gen Chem TA, Head Tutor for STEM, departmental research
Past Dorms: Pem East, Denbigh, Pem West

I’m Steffany, and I’m from the Pacific Northwest. I was a Customs person in Denbigh during my sophomore year, and am very excited to finish my Bryn Mawr career as a Peer Mentor in Pem East! My two big passions are chemistry and cosmetics, and I hope to integrate the two into a cosmetic chemistry career after Bryn Mawr.

Office Hours: TBA
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Nayanthi Peiris ’18

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Economics
Departments you can ask me about: Economics, Political Science, Math
Professors you can ask me about: Michael Rock, Janet Ceglowski, Andrew Nutting, Andrew Sfekas, Anne Dalke, Isabel Averill, Peter Kasius, Macalester Bell, Sebastian Wang
Extracurriculars: Work Study (Help Desk, Erdman), Bryn Mawr South Asian Students Association
Past Dorms: Merion, Denbigh, New Dorm

I spend most of my free time watching TV, looking up pictures and videos of dogs, going to Trader Joe’s, and hanging out with my friends (sometimes at Trader Joe’s). I’m from Colombo, Sri Lanka and I absolutely hate travelling (which is just a bit inconvenient). Come say hi to me- I probably will have snacks and tea in my room!

Office Hours: TBA
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Pembroke West

Libby Otto ’20

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: English
Minor: Sociology, Religion
Concentration: Creative Writing
Departments you can ask me about: Sociology, Hebrew, Creative Writing
Professors you can ask me about: Nechama Sataty, Bridget Nolan, Annie Liontas, Marissa Golden, Thomas Morton
Extracurriculars: Rince Na Mawr, Jewish Life, J Street, Off campus sport, Aerial skills
Past Dorms: Denbigh

Hi! I’m Libby. I’m a sophomore from Seattle, Washington. Most of the time you can find me in my dorm, watching some quality TV shows, Irish Dancing or hanging out with friends. I really love cats and making new friends so stop by if you want to look at cute pictures of kittens, talk about the wonders of the Pacific Northwest, need good show recommendations or just wanna chill!

Office Hours: TBA
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Cecilia White ’20

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: International Studies, Spanish
Departments you can ask me about: Spanish, Religion at Haverford, Poly Sci at Haverford
Professors you can ask me about: Jennifer Harford-Vargas, Enrique Sacerio-Garí, Barak Mendelsohn, Tim Harte, Roberto Castillo-Sandoval, Amy Meyers
Extracurriculars: Cross Country/Track, Bounce, Lifeguard, CPGC intern
Past Dorms: Pembroke West

I know Haverford quite well, love to dance, and Radnor is the Best.

Office Hours: Thursdays 9:00-10:00pm
Contact Me:

Rhoads North

Lily Meyer ’19

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Psychology
Minor: Theater, Religion
Departments you can ask me about: Theater, Psychology, Religion, Intermediate Spanish
Professors you can ask me about: Laurel Peterson, Justin McDaniel, Catharine Slusar, Mark Lord, Kaylea Berard, Ken Koltun-Fromm, Betsy Horner, Dilruba Ahmed
Extracurriculars: Co-Creator of Volleyball Club, Theater technician, Dining Services experience, BMFI enthusiast
Past Dorms: Pembroke West, Rhoads South

Hello! My name is Lily and in both my minors and major I am captivated by the human condition, and our intricate, complicated and ever beautiful understanding and perception of our own lives. Home has been many places for me from San Francisco,CA to Sedona, AZ to Stockholm, Sweden. I engage with art as much as I can and am always looking for new book recommendations. Every person has a story to tell, so come stop by and share one of yours! I’d love to hear it!

Office Hours: TBA
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Rhoads South

Abbey Thompson ’20

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Political Science (prospective)
Minor: Middle Eastern Studies
Departments you can ask me about: Political Science, Sociology, Theatre, Economics
Professors you can ask me about: Sofia Fenner, Bridget Nolan, Mark Lord, Andrew Sfekas, Marissa Golden, Matthew Ruben
Extracurriculars: Board member of Greasepaint Productions (bi-co musical theatre), intern for an organization called Run for Something
Past Dorms: Rhoads North

Hi! Originally from Durham, North Carolina, I consider myself to be a lover of politics, a huge musical theatre geek, and an Ariana Grande enthusiast! If I am not choreographing or directing for Greasepaint Productions, you can probably find me daydreaming about what Hillary Clinton is doing right now or discussing how perfect the Muses from Hercules are. Please don’t hesitate to drop by my room (South 103) if you have questions or concerns, want to have a Disney movie night, wish to discuss musicals with killer key changes, or just want to say hi! I am thrilled to get to know you all! Remember, my door is always open!

Office Hours: TBA
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Kate Petrova ’20

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Psychology (declaring next fall)
Minor: Neuroscience (declaring next fall)
Departments you can ask me about: Psychology, Biology
Professors you can ask me about: Marc Schulz, Leslie Rescorla, Dustin Albert, Earl Thomas, Karen Greif, Peter Brodfuehrer, Jennifer Skirkanich, Michele Monserrati, Macalester Bell, Zolani Ngwane (Haverford)
Extracurriculars: Academic research, renaissance choir, knitting club, LITS help desk technician
Past Dorms: Rhoads North

Hi, I am Kate, and I am probably the biggest psychology and neuroscience nerd you will ever meet. I am a professional opera singer, and I play several instruments, including piano, trombone, violin, guitar, and ukulele. Coffee, sushi, Harry Potter, NYC, and the color red are my favorite things in the world. I enjoy baking, but I haven’t baked once since coming to Bryn Mawr. I am always there for you to answer questions, give you support and advice, or chat just about anything. Come find me in Rock 324!

Office Hours: TBA
Contact Me:

Sam Moran ’19

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: English
Minor: Biology
Departments you can ask me about: Pre-Med
Professors you can ask me about: Bethany Schneider
Extracurriculars: BMCEMS, Volunteering as an EMT
Past Dorms: Rockefeller

I love reading, particularly non-fiction/ biographies. I volunteer as an EMT locally off-campus and on campus at Bryn Mawr EMS.

Office Hours: TBA
Contact Me:


Billie Mwangi ’20

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Economics, International Studies (undeclared)
Departments you can ask me about: Economics, International Studies, Political Science, German
Professors you can ask me about: Mathew Ruben, Andrew Nutting, Amy Myers, Kalala Ngalamulume, Raymond Albert
Extracurriculars: Bi-Co Debate Team, Pre-law society
Past Dorms: Pem East

Hi! My name is Billie. I am originally from Kenya and have lived in New Jersey for most of my life. I’m really passionate about social justice and human rights. I spend a lot of my free time watching movies, anything from disney to marvel to rom coms to documentaries to thrillers etc. Always down to watch a good movie, although the Lion King will forever be my favorite movie. Feel free to reach out and talk to me about any of these things, time management, inspirational quotes, or anything at all!

Office Hours: TBA
Contact Me:


Rachel Heiser, Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist

Rachel Heiser received her Bachelors from James Madison University before she moved back to her roots in Pennsylvania to receive her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Temple University.  She began work at Drexel University and served as a counselor, advisor and the Assistant Director for the Center for Academic Success.  Now at Bryn Mawr College, she works closely with students, staff and faculty to assist students in reaching their personal definition of academic success and college life balance.  When she is not immersed in the Owl community, she enjoys seeing live music and theater, traveling, having outdoor adventures, cooking and spending time with family and friends.


July 2018